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AustCyber has partnered with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce to increase commercial cyber security opportunities between Australia and the United Kingdom.

This partnership builds upon previous collaboration with the Chamber – including as a major sponsor of the 2018 Australian British Financial Services Catalyst and most recently, a series of AustCyber AllStar events featuring Alex van Someren, Managing Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners in the UK.

The partnership has been established to explore both markets and present new business opportunities for Australia’s burgeoning cyber security industry by:

  • Facilitating greater two-way trade and investment by bringing senior corporate and government representatives together.
  • Identifying and defining common Australia-UK areas for collaboration and development.
  • Developing and delivering a return on knowledge through collaboration and exchange of innovative initiatives, ideas and insights.
  • Encouraging delegations to and from the UK.
  • Developing stronger and sustained interest from the Australian and UK Governments and wider corporate and political communities about Australia-UK relations.

In 2019, AustCyber will be the major partner for a series of activities, including the Australian British Financial Services Catalyst, Australian British Health Catalyst and Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst.

The Australian British Financial Services Catalyst 2019 – held from 1-4 July in London – will examine the challenges facing financial institutions with the rapid change of technology and customer expectations, new regulations, data security and building the platforms for future banking while ensuring the wealth of data from legacy systems is maintained.

The relationship between the cyber security and FinTech industries is emerging as an extremely important and strategic alliance globally. The Australian FinTech sector is forecast to grow to over A$4 billion by 2020, and cyber security providers will be able to supply a market that is expected to triple to A$6 billion by 2026.

The UK’s regulatory framework, easy access to capital, and a long history of innovation, all contribute to London being a leading FinTech ecosystem in the world. Australia has a strong financial services sector, growing cyber security industry and a history of innovation in the technology space, making it ideally placed to take advantage of this opportunity and become a leading market for innovation, finance and investment.

The Australian British Health Catalyst (ABHC) 2019 – held from 8-11 July in London – is designed to facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas and experience in healthcare in Australia and the UK.

Held the week after the Australian British Financial Services Catalyst 2019, this presents a unique opportunity for Australian cyber security companies to extend their reach across both the Fintech and health markets.

The Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst (ABIC) 2019 – held from 30 September to 3 October in London – is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience in the infrastructure sector in Australia and the UK.

ustCyber encourages Australian cyber security companies to participate in these Catalysts and has a number of sponsored places available.

We are currently seeking interest for the Financial Services and Health Catalysts and will call for nominations for the Infrastructure Catalyst later in the year.

If you would like to participate, please let us know by 7 June by emailing

For more information about each Catalyst, visit the ABCC website.

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