Australia could have avoided the scale of the devastating bushfires, Professor Ross Garnaut has said as he warned the situation would continue to worsen if there wasn’t global action on climate change, something he said didn’t have to come at the expense of the economy.

Key points:

Professor Ross Garnaut has backed Scott Morrison’s plan to protect the economy
He outlined how Australia could still profit from minerals in a zero-emissions world
Professor Garnaut says carbon pricing is a “cheaper, faster” way to reduce emissions

The economist said he “strongly endorsed” Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s focus on reducing emissions without damaging the economy, and believed Australian industries could still reap the benefits of the country’s mineral resources in a zero-emissions world.

As this bushfire season has claimed lives and thousands of homes,┬áProfessor Garnaut has become a focus on the debate around climate change and the Government’s response.

That is because in 2008 he conducted a widescale review into the impact of climate change on Australia and its economy, and came to a conclusion: the nation would face a more frequent and intense fire season by 2020.

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