So much of what we do, professionally, socially, personally, involves a wealth of input in the process of moving us from concept to beneficial outcome.

In envisioning a better future version of where we want to move our organisations, families, and lives, we often enlist a think tank of ideas. We call it Brain Storming for a very good reason: the more minds we bring to the process, the greater the likelihood of getting outside of that dreaded box.

Research proves what we instinctively know – women and men think on different tracks. We are all part of the same transport system, but sometimes you need a taxi, and sometimes a bicycle. Whatever the challenge, you don’t want to be the team that only has an aeroplane in the hanger. The benefits of a team with diverse mind sets can be the best thing any organisation can get its hands on.

Megan Dalla-Camina and Michelle McQuaid recently published a white paper on the topic and their ideas and findings are great food for thought.

If you want awesome outcomes, if you need innovation – that Edge – something that delivers an outcome in ways nobody else has done…. why would you bring only one [kind of] brain to the table?

In Australia, some of our top organisations are heading in this direction with great success. CommBank has a brilliant policy that exhorts employees to “Bring All of You to Work” – and that means all of it – everything that makes you tick, question, explore. We need more of this.

WiseTech Global and Atlassian have been in this head space from the start. They have taken our rigid work processes and practices and, not-so-much thrown them out of the window….more like empowered the minds behind the thoughts to build outcomes in a Fit-For-Purpose hybrid that hits the ground running – FAST.

To deliver real and lasting embedded organisational change, you need ALL the skills, and for that, you need to create work teams that embrace diversity and thrive on knowing that the person sitting next to you is going to see this ‘thing’ from a totally different angle.

Vive La Difference!!

Melinda Nield MSP(Adv), P3O, PRINCE2

Strategic Advisor – Program Management at Wired Consulting

Highly regarded by her fellow executives, direct reports, and staff teams, Melinda’s key contributions include successfully delivered Business transformation and Benefits realisation, Organisational change, and increased Annual turnover.

She is a customer focused, insightful, and dynamic company director and manager with strong conceptual and mental agility; and a gift for creative, lateral thinking and problem solving.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: IT, State and Federal Government, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Retail Industry and Start-Ups.