Yes, collectors are still revisiting, and sharing, some of their favourite old films Here are some links to films from the old days to more recent:







Adam and Evelyne 1949 (Jean Simmons – Stewart Granger)

When a friend dies, a gambler adopts his daughter. Complications ensue.


All That Heaven Allows (1955)— Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson

“Extraordinarily perceptive view of postwar America. Jane Wyman plays a rich woman in love with a gardener. Her children and friends do everything to disrupt the relationship. The scene in which her children give her a television as a present is a classic.”


Winterhawk 1975

Leif Erickson, Woody Strode, Denver Pyle

“ Winterhawk – In 1845 Montana, a Blackfoot Chief tries to buy a cure for his tribe’s small-pox infection but the white settlers are unsympathetic forcing the Indian Chief to resort to desperate measures

Release Date: 3 May 1976 (Sweden)”


Goodnight Mister Tom – Film – 1998 Starring John Thaw; Nick Robinson.

Britain is on the brink of war when young William Beech is sent to live with Tom Oakley in the village of Little Weirwold. Tom Oakley is a sad, reclusive widower who slowly accepts the idea of having the boy live with him.

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12 Mile Road (2003) Tom Selleck – Family Drama HD

“A rebellious wild child is sent to her conservative father’s ranch as a last resort before she’s thrown out of home.”


Till We Meet Again: Judith Krantz: Starring Hugh Grant, Michael York, Courteney Cox, Mia Sara: Pt 1

“Michael York, Courteney Cox and Bruce Boxleitner star in a 1989 miniseries about a 20th-century woman and her two daughters.”



Till We Meet Again: Judith Krantz: Starring Hugh Grant, Michael York, Courteney Cox, Mia Sara: Pt 2


Till We Meet Again: Judith Krantz: Starring Hugh Grant, Michael York, Courteney Cox, Mia Sara:: Pt 3


Doomsday Gun (1994) Frank Langella | Kevin Spacey – True History HD

Expert weapons maker Gerald Bull designs a supergun for Saddam Hussein capable of firing long-range missiles. A price, he’ll eventually pay dearly for. Based on a true story.



THE GAMBLING MAN Catherine Cookson’s The Gambling Man,  TV miniseries (1995– ) Robson Green, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Stephanie Putson, Anne Kent, and  Bernard Hill,

A rent collector in Victorian Tyneside tries to better himself. He finds navigating class prejudices and family obstacles difficult. Sometimes criminals oppose him. It seems he’ll never succeed, but twists of fate and help from unexpected quarters make it seem as if he’ll win through in the end.



Mind Games – 2001 (starring Fiona Shaw)


“A former nun turned criminal profiler is called in to investigate the horrific ritualistic murders of two middle aged women. Her unorthodox approach means that she has to deal not only with solving a murder but also winning the trust of her sceptical colleagues.”



For Kids

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PJ Masks Full Episodes Season 2 ?? Catboy and Owlette Turned Evil!!!?? PJ Masks New Compilation 2019



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