The Morpheus Analytics Cryptocurrency Dashboard Sydney Meetup on Tue, Mar 10, 2020 started with RSVP arrivals, registration and networking, then welcoming by David Auton, Managing Director, Morpheus Analytics, and introduction by the WeWork team.

David welcomed and introduced the Guest Speakers, and provided a brief overview of Morpheus Analytics, and the new Cryptocurrency Dashboard, which was discussed in more detail later in the Showcase session.

The Morpheus Cryptocurrency Dashboards aim to provide information to people who are considering crypto investment and/or to people currently in the market.

You can find a link to sign up to the Morpheus Dashboard here:


The first speaker was Niall Clerkin, founder of Employee First, Employee First Digital and Blockchanger.

Blockchanger is a JV between Employee First and Morpheus Analytics.

Employee First aims “to evolve Recruitment and make it fit for purpose in today’s changed work environments and to find a viable path for the recruitment industry into the future.

Employee First is built around engagement. On all levels and in all relationships, the focus is people…

We believe in making Recruitment better. That is, better for Clients, better for Candidates and better for Contractors.

We believe in Business partnerships founded on trust and mutual respect and hard work backed by customer centric service.

We encourage fostering of long standing relationships beneficial to all concerned.”

Niall noted that there are few local Blockchain Projects.  Most are in the US, which is the biggest recruiter. For the Australian CTO,  there is no real candidate base and there are minimal significant projects.

In Australia, Blockchain is a “passion project”, using Open Source  systems such as

  • Hyperledger
  • Enterprise Etherium
  • Corda
  • Quorum
  • Openchain
  • MultiChain

Recruiters are looking for verifiable contributions, ideally in bullet point form. Writing the CV for Blockchain involves:

  1. Personal Synopsis
  2. Typical responsibilities from past Role
  3. Roles/Projects worked on with dates and high level Project explanation, e.g. Dec 18 – Feb 20, Senior Developer on ….Project, A tool…., etc

Internal Recruitment Managers are already intimidated by Tech Jobs

For further learning, check the The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust, by Kevin Werbach. A Preview is available free.


The second speaker was Tim Lea, CEO of Fractonium, Blockchain Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Author of Blockchain Book ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, Host & Producer Down the Rabbit Hole Podcast, Cryptocurrency & ICO Investor.

Tim’s subject was  Blockchain in Frontier Markets, based on his practical experience from Myanmar (formerly Burma). In Myanmar, the military have 25% of the seats in the “Democratic “ Government.

There is ongoing civil war in 13 conflict zones.

The Myanmar population is 54 million, predominantly Buddhist

All Myanmar traffic goes on the right-hand side of the road. To distance itself from the British colonial period, the military government instigated an overnight switch from the left to the right in 1970 ( notwithstanding the fact that  most of the cars in Myanmar were, and still are, right-hand drives, mainly because they’re Japanese imports.)

Myanmar has a 95% cash economy due to

  • Lack of trust in Banks (following the 2003 Bank run)
  • The 1000 Myanmar (Burma) Kyat (about $1 Australian) is the most popular currency
  • Taxis are honest and negotiate the price up front
  • The safest store of cash is under the mattress, except in the rainy season, when the cash is taken to the Bank (the average 1000 Kyat note has 72 days of urine related disease, and the 2003 SARS epidemic showed that the virus could stay on “press paper” for 72 hrs). Chinese banks have been ordered to disinfect cash before issuing it to the public in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.
  • The Myanmar Central Bank’s clearing system uses cash, which is physically moved to the semi-government banks, g. Naypyitaw, and to the commercial Banks.


The Crypyto Dream – About 1.75 billion peiple remain unbanked—without an account at a financial institution or through a mobile money provider.


Myanmar is now using current Mobile Technology, launched late 2019, now with 4.5 million subscribers.


The Myanmar Buddha Dhamma Parahita Foundation organization (formerly the Ma Ba Tha) was outlawed because its ultranationalist anti-Muslim violence and propaganda conflicted with Buddhist teachings. However, the Buddha Dhamma Parahita Foundation has wide popular support from Buddhists who revere its monks and who have seen or experienced its  good works (such as Buddhist Sunday schools, social service and secular education, legal aid and disaster relief ), even if they oppose the violence and  hate speech.


Where Does Blockchain Fit In?

  • Regain/Establish Trust
  • Transparency
  • Digitising with immutability
  • Corruption – In Myanmar and Indonesia, companies are using blockchain to eliminate high-level bribery and corruption


Key Takeaways:

  • Developing Countries are highly motivated
  • Leapfrogging – Developing nations have renewed potential to leapfrog developed economies with the emergence of blockchain technology, using the lack of existing infrastructure as an opportunity to adopt the most advanced methods
  • Crypto’s role is limited – a stop gap –


Many Australian Companies are doing work offshore.



Developers in Myanmar are working on Blockchain but are about 2 years behind

Other Mobile providers are looking at opportunities in Developing Countries.

Crypto will have a role, e.g. in Venezuela. Blockchain is seen as a  petri dish of innovative ideas.



The third speaker was Michael Hamilton, Head of Research, Morpheus Analytics

Michael  presented the Morpheus Cryptocurrency Dashboard Showcase, and was assisted by David Auton, Investment Director at Morpheus Analytics, and Taras Woronjanski,  Lead Software Developer, Morpheus Analytics

The new Morpheus Analytics Cryptocurrency Dashboard classifies users as:

Trad Crypto – On Boarding Ramps, Alternative Store of Value, Bitcoin, etc.

B2B Merchant – Enter Fiat to Crypto & Crypto to Fiat global Merchant Gateway; Fiat and reliable alternatives to SWIFT, e.g. Ripple

Emerging Crypto – Tokenised or Value Aligned; Platform support, Purchase of Fiat


App Platforms – Support Smart Contracts/Apps

A Morpheus Analytics  Bespoke Data Service  is available


The Morpheus Analytics  – Cryptocurrency Dashboard How to Guide is available as a YouTube video

The first screen shows News Feeds and  a Crypto Market chart (the top 20 Crypto Projects)

Screen 2 shows  Upcoming Events and a chart of Bitcoin Metrics from around the world, showing movements in Market Price

Screen 3 shows Coin Updates,  and a chart of Altcoin Metrics, and Block Count

Returning to Screen 1, the presenter links News Feeds to the Crypto Market chart, showing how the News affects the Markets

On Screen 2,  an Upcoming Event may be a positive Event, which will be reflected on the Bitcoin Metrics and Market Price chart for a selected period. The Market Price chart shows 2 metrics; the red line represents the unique addresses used on Bitcoin Blockchain, while the blue line shows the price movements. Many other metrics can be selected, e.g. Average Block Size, Blockchain Size, Blockchain Wallet Users, etc.

On Screen 3, the Altcoin Metrics chart can be used to compare Bitcoin to an alternative, e.g. Ethereum, and the Transaction counts can be charted and compared.

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