In June 2014, around 200 of the world’s leading experts in IT standardization will meet in Sydney at the SC7 Plenary to develop international ISO, IEC and IEEE standards for software and systems engineering. Although smaller groups within SC7 have visited Sydney, this is the first time that we will have the whole group attending at the same time. Their last visit to Australia was to Brisbane in 2004.

The 5-day event is only open to nominated attendees. To allow some access, a half day mini summit has been organised with some of the highly specialised and influential industry experts and professionals. This work positively affects millions of IT workers worldwide.

ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC7 (to give it its full title), or SC7 for short, develops international standards for software and systems engineering. SC7 has published 153 international standards that aim to cover the entire software and systems development life cycle.

Topic areas include guidance to ISO 9001 for software development, the ITIL standard, process assessment and certification, tools and methods, architecture, software asset management, IT service management, governance, agile development, mobile computing, cloud computing, outsourcing and software testing.

SC7’s standards cover…

  • System Software Documentation
  • Tools and Environment
  • Evaluation and Metrics
  • Open Distributed Processing (ODP) and Modeling Languages
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Process Assessment
  • Information Technology Asset Management
  • Software and Systems Bodies of Knowledge and
  • Professionalization
  • System Quality Management
  • Software Life Cycle Profiles for Very Small Entities
  • IT Service Management
  • Software Testing
  • IT Enabled Services
  • Common Industry Formats for Usability Reports. Architecture
  • Vocabulary

and more.

For a taste of work in progress and their application, register to attend the Disrupting Technology Management summit on 19 June to hear from Dr. Annette Reilly, Johan Bendz, Jean Bérubé, Dr. Witold Suryn, Dr. Tom McBride, Dr. Tafline Murnane, Prof. François Coallier. If you are interested in participating in future standards development, please contact QESP committee members, Melanie Cheong or Ted Smillie.
Engineering Standards Experts