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2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares: Leveraging Code Insight to Avert Risk and Optimize Businesses

This IDC study provides a 2013–2017 forecast and 2012 vendor share analysis for the worldwide software quality analysis and measurement market, which experienced 14.2% growth to $441.3 million in 2012 revenue (up from $386 million in 2011 with slightly less growth on low numbers).

As companies reinvest in the context of ongoing economic volatility, the software quality analysis and measurement market is slated for a strong overall trajectory of growth over the forecast period. This growth results from a variety of factors including demand for visibility into code and architectural capabilities, the challenges of staffing cuts, and the need to manage quality with complex sourcing for application development projects, regulatory compliance, increased complexity of emerging development paradigms, and adoption of cloud testing. As the largest vendors in the automated software quality (ASQ) space have announced and delivered offerings in this market in 2012 and 2013 and with emerging user adoption, IDC expects a good CAGR (on low initial base revenue) for 2012–2017 of 15.5%, resulting in projected 2017 revenue of $906 million.

“In the face of increasing numbers of highly public failures of business-critical systems, the urgency of attending to software quality analysis has never been more obvious. Around the time frame of one week in August 2013, we saw downtime of stock exchanges on three continents and of Amazon and Google. The crying need to improve corporate and developer hygiene in this area is clear,” says Melinda Ballou, program director for Application Life-Cycle Management and Executive Strategies at IDC. “A volatile global economy, pressing demand for mobile branding and application and reinvestment but constrained IT staffing, and complex sourcing, demand continues to be strong for software quality analysis and measurement solutions. We expect this to continue throughout our forecast period, driven by customer need for innovative software analysis and metrics offerings from both small third-party providers and larger vendors. As we continue to see challenging global competitive and economic pressures, multimodal deployment demand and innovation are driving development organizations to look under the covers with code analytics and to also provide metrics to help assess service provider execution. Smaller vendors will continue to play a role for market innovation. We expect ongoing acquisitions in this space, particularly in the 2014 time frame.

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