This event aims to raise awareness of the ICT skills shortage and show how new jobs can be created. It is a joint ACS NSW/QESP event, representing the ACS Startups & Small Business (NSW) SIG, the Business Systems Architecture & Design and ACS Women. The event is presented by ProGalore Australia CEO, Jitendra Verma, representing ACS Startups & Small Business.  ProGalore (Professional + Abundance) Australia is itself a good example of a successful small business startup since 2010, in the areas of  ICT Management consulting, resource management and project delivery. ProGalore  is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and will cover Federal & State Government grants for education and training. The event will finish with a Forum session,  featuring speakers from the ACS and also Anne-Marie Elias, ChiefDisrupter (who was a popular speaker at the April 2016 and ACOSM16 joint events.)

Attendees: Public and private sector employers who are concerned about the current and growing ICT skills shortage. ACS, QESP, Consensus and ACTA members. Staff and students from the Sydney Universities.

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