In recent decades public and private organisations have extracted enormous efficiencies by simplifying and improving previously complex supply chains across enterprises, industries, sectors and countries.

In Enterprise IT, we are confronted with inefficiencies and complexities that rival early supply chains: the integration of Data Warehouses, Big Data solutions, new channels and stakeholders, and complexities in master data distribution threaten to overwhelm effective planning and cost control.

What lessons can we learn by applying supply chain concepts to enterprise data management?

Our keynote speaker, Lloyd Robinson will explore the business case for implementing a Data Supply Chain. Organisations can achieve immediate improvements and a longer term lower cost and risk structure.

This briefing will provide you with an insight into the following topics:

  • What is a supply chain?
  • How does the supply chain analogy illuminate common IT problems?
  • How do we use a “Data Supply Chain” concept to solve them.
  • How does this link to emerging topics such as data warehouse II, big data, master data management, metadata management?
  • Why is a data modelling tool like ER/Studio required to implement a Data Supply Chain.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is a data supply chain?
  • How to get immediate benefit?
  • How to use it to reduce long term cost structures
  • How this concept can save money in implementing current hot issues such as big data and additional channels.
  • How a tool like ER/Studio can proactively underpin Enterprise Data Integration

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