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Regretfully, we have had to postpone the QESP Australian Conference on Software Management  (ACOSM14.) Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. Further details will be available via our Events page on the website and in the Newsletter.

“The Chief Digital Officer is dead (or at least should be)”

Different views on the CDO role have stirred up some lively discussion, see below The Chief Digital Officer Debate.

“The term quite often used around here for IT is ‘necessary evil’.”

Several different 2014 surveys have looked at The Future of IT from different angles but come up with similar advice for CIOs. See below, The Future of IT: Can CIOs Survive?

“The policy is so good; the execution is so poor. There is a sense of disappointment.”

AIIA chief executive Suzanne Campbell and others accuse the federal government of “dragging its feet on the implementation of a raft of digital economy and e-government initiatives”,  see below,  What went wrong with the eGovernment and Digital Economy Policy?

Current Issue

Articles in the current Issue cover:

The Chief Digital Officer Debate

“The chief digital officer role clearly would not be an IT role, but a role to drive the transformation of the operating model.”

The Future of IT: Can CIOs Survive?

“CMOs and CIOs have both had challenges in the past implementing a solution that was not embraced by users, but the issue is only getting worse. Just last year a Fortune 500 company in the United States had to pull the plug on a major software investment that didn’t deliver the expected benefits”.

What went wrong with the eGovernment and Digital Economy Policy?

“Detailed in the Coalition’s policy for e-government and the digital economy of August 2013, the initiatives had not been enacted, more than a year on.”


Ted Smillie

QESP Chairman