From The Editor

“Cancelled projects were about 35% in the 10,000 function point size range and about 5% of software outsource agreements ended up in court in litigation.”

These are  some of the recent metrics quoted in the July/August 2014 issue of Crosstalk Magazine. This issue has the theme High Maturity Organizational Characteristics but don’t let that put you off. It features some high profile software industry gurus with a range of topical, sometimes controversial, advice for organisations large and small. There are also some interesting types of metrics I had not heard of before. For an overview, see below, New Insights on Software Process Improvement.

“if we actually began relying on the claims made by big data surveillance in public health, we would come to some peculiar conclusions. Some of these conclusions may even pose serious public health harm.”

New research from various sources includes some “myth-busting” on recent Big Data claims and gives some pointers on avoiding past mistakes. See below, The Big Data Debate: “N=All” or “Complete bollocks. Absolute nonsense.”

“ICT is seen as a tool to end poverty and give entire social groups better lives.”


ICT’s current and growing role in fostering economic growth and social equality already affects billions globally. This brings the need to redefine our traditional view of Quality management, see below, The New Quality.


Current Issue

Articles in the current Issue cover:

New Insights on Software Process Improvement

“Many engineers in industry and the DoD have never seen a detailed plan, let alone participated in making one.”

The Big Data Debate: “N=All” or “Complete bollocks. Absolute nonsense.”

“If the system failed, it did so only in the outsize dreams of Big Data acolytes.”

The New Quality

“The current situation needs a coherent and interconnected set of guidelines and standards, in support of the will to act responsibly, whether this is in a controlled or uncontrolled market.” 


Ted Smillie

QESP Chairman