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“The finest eloquence is that which gets things done; the worst is that which delays them.

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.”

These quotes are good examples of the Lloyd George style of leadership during World War I. British prime minister (1916–22),  Lloyd George dominated the British political scene in the latter part of World War I. See below, From Lloyd George to George Floyd : How Close Are We To World War III?.

“Trump further lashed out at Twitter on Friday when the company again labeled one of Trump’s tweets — this time limiting the public’s ability to view and share the tweet. Twitter’s label said the tweet, and another with the same message from the White House account, violated the company’s policies about glorifying violence.” See below, Twitter’s decision to label Trump’s tweets was two years in the making

“And it’s no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history — the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous” This quote is from a November 24, 2019 Jerusalem Post article on a speech made by Sacha Baron Cohen after he had received the international leadership award from the Anti-Defamation League at its annual conference at the Javits Center in Manhattan. See below, Sacha Baron Cohen: Facebook is ‘the greatest propaganda machine’.

Yes, collectors are still revisiting, and sharing, some of their favourite old films Here are some links to films from the old days to more recent – (QESP Editor’s Note: If anyone has a favourite old film to share, send the link to me at . Thanks, Ted ) See below, Home Entertainment.


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Articles in the current Issue cover:

From Lloyd George to George Floyd : How Close Are We To World War III?

 “As we look at the history of World War I, we are reminded of the extraordinary heroism of T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. The film, starring Peter O’Toole as Lawrence, was not factually correct.”. 

Twitter’s decision to label Trump’s tweets was two years in the making

“Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to Zuckerberg’s Fox News interview on Wednesday, saying that labeling tweets does not make Twitter an “arbiter of truth.”

“We’ll continue to point out incorrect or disputed information about elections globally,” he tweeted. “And we will admit to and own any mistakes we make.”.

Sacha Baron Cohen: Facebook is ‘the greatest propaganda machine’

“And it’s no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history — the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous. As one headline put it, ‘Just Think What Goebbels Could Have Done with Facebook.‘”

Home Entertainment

See links to:

  • National Theatre Live streaming
    •  Les Blancs is streaming for free with National Theatre at Home from 7pm UK time on Thursday 2 July, until 7pm UK time on Thursday 29 July 2020. (It is subtitled.) “An African country teeters on the edge of civil war. A society prepares to drive out its colonial present and claim an independent future. Tshembe, returned home from England for his father’s funeral, finds himself in the eye of the storm.”
  • Old Favourites
    • Treasure Island -The Movie (1987)– Anime;
    • Looney Tunes | Foghorn Leghorn on the Farm;
    • Murder by Natural Causes (1979 TV Movie) Hal Holbrook, Katharine Ross, Richard Anderson, Jeff Donnell, Bill Fiore, Barry Bostwick. A very good film which skips all the ad breaks. “A crime mystery written by the creators of the TV series Columbo: Richard Levinson and William Link… This made-for-TV movie, which first aired on the CBS network on February 17, 1979 was well received by the critics and the viewers alike upon its original release. It holds the rating of 8.0 on the Internet Movie Database. Its script was later turned into a successful stage play by the same writers.”
    • MOTHER LODE 1982,  Charlton Heston, Nick Mancuso and Kim Basinger, has spectacular shots of northern British Columbia’s interior wilderness.
    • The Dock Brief, a quirky comedy starring Peter Sellers and  Richard Attenborough
    • Beauty In The Broken, Love, Romance, Drama. The worlds of a depressed psychologist and an emotionally disturbed homeless woman collide. While trying to rescue her they fall in love, and each gets a second chance at a new life.
    • Jack & Sarah Richard E Grant, Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, and Ian Mckellen. After the death of the wife, successful lawyer finds himself in trouble to take care of his own daughter, the baby Sarah. He decides to hire Amy to help him, and ends up falling in love with the sweet babysitter.
    • Monte Walsh | 2003 Western Romance | Tom Selleck, Keith Carradine, George Eads, Isabella Rossellini.
  • Political
    • Why Australia needs to join global condemnation of Israel’s annexation plans By Ben Saul, June 25, 2020. Ben Saul is Challis Chair of International Law at the University of Sydney and the past Whitlam & Fraser Chair of Australian Studies at Harvard University. He has been involved in technical activities with the Israeli Defence Forces and in Palestine.
    • Captain Tom Moore tribute PAINTING – Inspirational!
    • Ten Reasons Why, an occasional series by Guy Rundle – why Jacqui Lambie should reject Dan Tehan’s uni reforms
    • COVID-19 How the Virus Won  – “Invisible outbreaks sprang up everywhere. The United States ignored the warning signs. We analyzed travel patterns, hidden infections and genetic data to show how the epidemic spun out of control.”
    • US POLICE GET CARTOONISHLY EVIL – Columbus, OH: police pepper spray a double amputee, then *disconnect and take his prosthetic legs*
    • Report Of Nooses In Van Cortlandt Park  – Met By NYPD Indifference, Bronxites Allege
    • Inside the Trump Administration’s Decision to Leave the World Health Organization – “There’s one country that’s desperate for the United States to leave the WHO, and that’s China,”
    • Adolf Hitler: Speech at Krupp Factory in Germany, June 1936 (100 years ago, pre-election) compared with Trump’s 2016 pre-election speech.
    • ‘Cartoon Melania’s Emotive Eyes’ – Our Cartoon President, Mar 10, 2018
    • Six-trillion-dollar man: Trump is the worst economic manager in US history
  • Scientific
    • “Far-UVC light safely kills airborne coronaviruses, study finds.” – Columbia University Irving Medical Center,  ScienceDaily, 24 June 2020.
    • Scientists support the use of ultraviolet light to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission indoors.” – ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, ScienceDaily, 22 June 2020
    • Shift in how we build computers: Photonics.” – University of California – Santa Barbara, ScienceDaily. 17 June 2020.
  • On a happier note
    • Lockdown Photostories – We are so proud of how well the community in Indonesia has managed their time in lockdown. Now well over three months!” So far there are no cases, but we are taking COVID-19 very seriously. The refugee community is at greater risk and have very little on no access to medical assistance. Please follow the link for some short stories from lockdown and to see our COVID-19 strategy.”
    • Baked Potato Song A VERY important message from @RealMattLucas who updated a 20-year-old comedy song with lyrics giving advice about avoiding coronavirus, expecting about 500 people to watch it.”That’s probably as many people as would normally look at my Twitter,” the Little Britain star says.But the video for his revised Baked Potato Song has now had three million views, and he is about to release it to raise funds for his FeedNHS campaign.”When the idea was put to me, it was a no brainer,” he tells BBC News.



Norway v Australia: crisis makes the case for a sovereign wealth fund incontestable

QESP Editor’s Note: “An obsession with “balancing the budget” has left Australia under-funded despite its immense wealth. A dual citizen of Norway and Australia, Kim Wingerei laments the lost opportunity of a century, the failure of our political classes to establish a sovereign wealth fund. But it’s still not too late to stop the flood of our natural resources overseas.”

This quote is from a Jun 11, 2020 Michael West article by Kim Wingerei


Crikey Worm

An editorial which aired during the Credlin program on Friday 26 June at 6pm AEST, incorrectly linked Melbourne’s South Sudanese community to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Peta Credlin and Sky News Australia accept these comments were inaccurate and sincerely apologise for any offence caused by the remarks which have been removed from all platforms,

— Sky News

The far-right broadcaster is very sorry if you’re offended by allegations that their favourite, “poorly assimilated” community spread COVID-19 at an “end-of-Ramadan feast” — not because it’s vile, racist dog-whistling, of course, just that Credlin got caught not checking her facts.



Our May Newsletter included a message from Julian (Jolly) Day that Consensus had just joined the #RebootAustralia movement, a platform which connects entrepreneurs and business leaders with professionals and experts that can help your business Reboot.

Jolly will now be running a monthly series of  zoom online training course, starting with The Blacklist Sessions #16 – Julian Day (The Consensus Awards) at

This can be updated with information from other sources, e.g. Raj Dalal’s BigInsights, see later.

(QESP Editor’s Note: My son, Tristan and his wife Danielle are currently staying with me  and the 3 of us recently used the Histopath Home Testing approach to verify that we all tested negative for COVID-19.  When a doctor refers a patient to Histopath for COVID-19 testing, there are 4 simple step.

  1. The doctor faxes or emails request to Histopath
  2. Histopath contacts the patient and arranges for our courier to deliver a self collection kit
  3. The patient self collects the specimen
  4. Our courier picks up the specimen from the patient and returns it to Histopath for testing


I have asked Jolly to include the Histopath COVID-19 testing details in his first zoom online training course.)

Details of the Consensus Awards and Sponsors are provided in the following links:

Mike Boorn Plener FounderCatapult Email 16/6/20

Need a helping hand? Please join us here:
Are you able to give a hand up? Please join us here:

“It seems everybody is busy dancing around the new effigy—the startup. And while the returns can be spectacular the chances are slim. What if there was a much more solid model?

That’s the basis for the Catapult Business Accelerator. Through a strong and stringent process married with a healthy dose of ‘thinking–outside–the–box’ we achieve off–the–scale results for serious SME business owners. We have put together not just one but three programs that work together, backed by a highly experienced team.”

Consensus Blockchain Awards

The Consensus Blockchain Awards were to be introduced earlier in the year, however were put on hold because of COVID-19! They will be introduced in the 2nd half of the year and the website updated by mid-July. For further information, please contact: Julian Day on 0413 309 056.


The Foundation

The Waterline Challenge® is the brainchild of Julian Day who himself is a three-time survivor of childhood cancer. Over the years since then he has walked the entire coast of NSW in stages raising money for cancer research. It was during these long coastline walks that he conceived the idea of the Waterline Challenge and the Waterline Challenge Foundation.


Raj Dalal

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Raj Dalal is Founder & Principal of BigInsights. BigInsights is a research led advisory firm focused on data lead innovation using AI, Data, IoT technologies, and techniques…

Raj is acknowledged as a trusted go-to authority for companies who want to drive data-led business innovation. He helps companies craft and executes digital transformation strategies that increase shareholder value using advanced data & AI technologies and techniques…

Raj is invited to speak at Data events – such as CeBIT, DataCon, TDWI and SAS Global Forum. His articles have been published on DataScienceCentral, Datafloq, BRW, 7wData and CIO magazine, to name a few. Raj has been a judge at the Data Impact Awards in New York since 2015…

He is President & Charter member of TiE Sydney chapter, non-profit started in Silicon Valley to help entrepreneurs succeed. See further details at

ACOSM 2020: Responsible Business Conduct

ACOSM 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19. A new date will be advised when the restrictions have been lifted.


Quote of the Day

“It’s not as though we can keep burning coal in our power plants. Coal is a finite resource, too. We must find alternatives, and it’s a better idea to find alternatives sooner then wait until we run out of coal, and in the meantime, put God knows how many trillions of tons of CO2 that used to be buried underground into the atmosphere.” Elon Musk

Quote from Yesteryear

“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.” –  Anatole France (who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1921, “in recognition of his brilliant literary achievements, characterized as they are by a nobility of style, a profound human sympathy, grace, and a true Gallic temperament.”)


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