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Yes, collectors are still revisiting, and sharing, some of their favourite old films Here are some links to films, from golden oldies to more recent. Some of them are only available for a short time, so get in quick to your favourite category: ROMANCE, KIDS, COMEDY, CRIME, WESTERN, WAR, DRAMA, FANTASY, INSPIRATIONAL




Made for Each Other – Full Movie | Carole Lombard, James Stewart, Charles Coburn, Lucile Watson

“While on a business trip, an ambitious young lawyer meets and immediately falls in love with a stranger. They wed the following day, and tragedy soon strikes.

Director John Cromwell

Writers Jo Swerling(screenplay )Rose Franken(suggested by a story by Frank Ryan(contributor: humorous situations)

Stars Carole Lombard James Stewart Charles Coburn


The Man From Colorado Glenn Ford 1948 Western Romance Full Movie

“At the end of the Civil War, two friends return home to Colorado and one of them has changed and is violent and erratic.

Director Henry Levin

Writers Robert Hardy Andrews(screenplay) Ben Maddow(screenplay) Borden Chase(original story)

Stars Glenn Ford William Holden Ellen Drew

Awards 1 nomination


A Star Is Born (1937) | Full Movie | Janet Gaynor | Fredric March | Adolphe Menjou

“A young woman comes to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, and achieves them only with the help of an alcoholic leading man whose best days are behind him.

Directors William A. Wellman Jack Conway(uncredited) Victor Fleming(uncredited)

Writers Dorothy Parker(screen play) Alan Campbell(screen play) Robert Carson(screen play)

Stars Janet Gaynor Fredric March Adolphe Menjou

Won 2 Oscars 4 wins & 7 nominations total


Alex Of Venice (Full Movie) Drama, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Messina

“A workaholic attorney is forced to reinvent her life after her husband suddenly leaves.

Director Chris Messina

Writers Jessica Goldberg Katie Nehra Justin Shilton

Stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead Chris Messina Don Johnson

Awards 2 nominations





The Junior Spy Agency (Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice) | Full Family Adventure Movie

“When Sam Steele Junior gets a term paper assignment on a visit by the Soviet Premier to the Midwest in the late 1950s he’s less than enthused. But when he learns it may lead to treasure, the Junior Detective Agency is on the adventure of a lifetime.

Director Tom Whitus

Writer Tom Whitus

Stars Jacob Hays Kevin Sorbo Dee Wallace


Cool Dog | Full Family Adventure Comedy | Animal Movie!

“When Jimmy’s father gets a promotion, the family must relocate to an apartment in New York City that has a strict “no pet” policy. Unwilling to let his master go without a fight, Rainy embarks on a cross-country journey to New York.

Director Danny Lerner

Writers Les Weldon Danny Lerner

Stars Michael Paré Jackson Pace Jen Kober


F.R.E.D.I. | Full Movie (2018) Kelli Hu | Candace Cameron Bure |Angus Macfadyen|Christina Cox|Reid Miller

“James needs a topic for his science project at high school or he’ll fail his class. He finds an AI robot in the woods near home.

Director Sean Olson

Writers Garrett Brawith(story by) Kat Olson(screenplay by) Sean Olson(screenplay by)

Stars Kelly Hu Angus Macfadyen Candace Cameron Bure(voice)

Awards 7 wins & 11 nominations


Just William’s Luck 1947 British Comedy Film??

“William and “the Nites of the Square Table” haunt a house – the plan is complicated by fur rustlers.

Director Val Guest

Writers Richmal Crompton(based on famous characters) Val Guest(original screenplay)

Stars John Powe Muriel Aked Hugh Cross




Kenneth More Full Movie British Comedy The Admirable Crichton 1957 HD (Paradise Lagoon)

“In 1905, Lord Henry Loam and his family and servants are shipwrecked on a deserted island where the survival of the fittest renders the rigid class system irrelevant.

Director Lewis Gilbert

Writers Vernon Harris(screenplay) J.M. Barrie(play) Lewis Gilbert(adaptation)

Stars Kenneth More Diane Cilento Cecil Parker


Mouse On The Moon 1963 Margaret Rutherford Bernard HUGE Cast of UK Comedy Stars

“A tiny country persuades the Americans and Soviets that they’re starting a space program, when they really just want some money for new plumbing.

Director Richard Lester

Writers Leonard Wibberley(novel) Michael Pertwee(screenplay)

Stars Margaret Rutherford Ron Moody Bernard Cribbins

Awards 1 nomination


Blithe Spirit Full Film Starring Rex Harrison Margaret Rutherford 1945 Film

“A man and his second wife are haunted by the ghost of his first wife.

Director David Lean

Writers David Lean(adapted for the screen by) Ronald Neame(adapted for the screen by) Anthony Havelock-Allan(adapted for the screen by)

Stars Rex Harrison Constance Cummings Kay Hammond

Won 1 Oscar 1 win & 1 nomination total


Mad Little Island (Original title: Rockets Galore) Classic UK Comedy 1958 ?? Gordon Jackson Ronnie Corbett

“Inhabitants of a small island in the Atlantic resist their government’s plan to make their home a missile base.

Director Michael Relph

Writers Compton MacKenzie(novel) Monja Danischewsky(screenplay)

Stars Jeannie Carson Donald Sinden Roland Culver


Genevieve Starring Kenneth More  British Comedy Film 1953

“Two British couples pit their vintage automobiles against each other in an exciting cross-country race.

Director Henry Cornelius

Writer William Rose(story and screenplay)

Stars Dinah Sheridan John Gregson Kay Kendall

Nominated for 2 Oscars 3 wins & 4 nominations total


My Favorite Brunette (1947) | Full Movie | Bob Hope | Dorothy Lamour | Peter Lorre

“Shortly before his execution on the death row in San Quentin, amateur sleuth and baby photographer Ronnie Jackson, tells reporters how he got there.

Director Elliott Nugent

Writers Edmund Beloin(original screenplay) Jack Rose(original screenplay) Bob Hope(contributing writer to golf scenes)

Stars Bob Hope Dorothy Lamour Peter Lorre


Marilyn Monroe – “As Young As You Feel

“A 65-year-old printer hatches an elaborate scheme to avoid forced retirement.

Director Harmon Jones

Writers Lamar Trotti(screen play) Paddy Chayefsky(story)

Stars Monty Woolley Thelma Ritter David Wayne


Castle in the Air Margaret Rutherford ?? 1952

“The near-bankrupt Earl of Locharne must contend with a government agent trying to requisition his ancestral Scottish castle, as well as a beautiful American woman who wants to buy the place – to say nothing of the resident ghost.

Director Henry Cass

Writers Edward Dryhurst(screenplay) Alan Melville(play)

Stars David Tomlinson Helen Cherry Margaret Rutherford


Outsourced | Full Romantic Comedy Movie | Asif Basra

“After his entire department is outsourced, an American novelty products salesman (Hamilton) heads to India to train his replacement.

Director John Jeffcoat

Writers George Wing John Jeffcoat

Stars Josh Hamilton Ayesha Dharker Asif Basra

Awards 5 nominations


Apartment 12 | Full Romantic Comedy Movie | Mark Ruffalo

“An L.A. artist suddenly finds his life upside down when his art show is cancelled and his model girlfriend leaves him.

Director Dan Bootzin

Writers Dan Bootzin Elizabeth Rivera Bootzin

Stars Mark Ruffalo Beth Ulrich Alan Gelfant

Awards 2 wins


Inn for Trouble Classic British Comedy Film 1960

“A London family attempts to manage a village inn (pub) and discover that someone doesn’t want them to make a success of it.

Director C.M. Pennington-Richards

Writer Fred Robinson(story)

Stars Shaun O’Riordan Peggy Mount Ronan O’Casey


Norman Wisdom Movie The Square Peg Norman Wisdom Comedy Film 1958

“A British road repairman gets into a feud with the Army, gets drafted, and is mistakenly parachuted into Nazi-occupied France where his physical resemblance to the local German commandant triggers a hilarious chain reaction.

Director John Paddy Carstairs

Writers Jack Davies(original screenplay by) Henry Blyth(original screenplay by) Norman Wisdom(original screenplay by)

Stars Norman Wisdom Honor Blackman Edward Chapman



The Town That Came A Courtin’ | Full Comedy Movie

“Obituary-writer-turned-author Abby is used to making up quirky, charming characters for her books, but in Bliss those characters have sprung to life, and Abby is fantasizing about moving right in.

Director David Winning

Writers Ronda Rich(based on the book by) Sheryl J. Anderson

Stars Lauren Holly Cameron Bancroft Iris Quinn

Awards 2 wins & 1 nomination




Kiss of Death 1947, USA Featuring Victor Mature, Richard Widmark Film Noir Full Movie

“Nick Bianco is caught during a botched jewellery heist. The prosecution offer him a more lenient sentence if he squeals on his accomplices but he doesn’t roll over on them. Three years into the sentence an event changes his mind.

Director Henry Hathaway

Writers Ben Hecht(screen play) Charles Lederer(screen play) Eleazar Lipsky(story)

Stars Victor Mature Brian Donlevy Coleen Gray

Nominated for 2 Oscars 3 wins & 2 nominations total


The Raging Tide (1951) [Film Noir] Shelley Winters, Richard Conte, Stephen McNally

“After a San Francisco gangster murders a rival criminal, he seeks shelter on a fisherman’s boat while the police are man-hunting him and pressuring his girlfriend into betrayal.

Director George Sherman

Writer Ernest K. Gann(screenplay)

Stars Shelley Winters Richard Conte Stephen McNally


Payback (1997) Full Movie I Mary Tyler Moore I Ed Asner I

“Kathryn runs a restaurant but one night she calls the police after she sees a suspicious man waiting in his car. However Kathryn sees one of the three police officers, Kaleen, assault the man with their sticks and kicking them. Under advice from Jack, the police internal investigator, she tells a court and Kaleen is put on suspension and kept to his rank for the rest … Read all

Director Ken Cameron

Writer Dennis Nemec

Stars Mary Tyler Moore Ed Asner Denis Arndt




“The unstable new kingpin of a Tijuana drug cartel is targeted by an assassin for elimination.

Director James Cotten

Writers Art Camacho(story) R. Ellis Frazier

Stars Ray Liotta Andy Garcia Esai Morales


The Clouded Yellow 1950 Jean Simmons, Trevor Howard, Barry Jones, Kenneth More

“A former British agent is employed at the Fenton country estate where he aids Fenton’s niece in eluding the police after she’s unjustly accused of murdering a local gamekeeper.

Director Ralph Thomas

Writer Janet Green(original story by)

Stars Jean Simmons Trevor Howard Sonia Dresdel


Winter of Frozen Dreams | Full Crime Drama Movie | Thora Birch

“Barbara Hoffman is a University of Wisconsin science student. She is a part-time employee at a local massage parlor. She is also a killer. Now all Detective Lulling has to do is prove it.

Director Eric Mandelbaum

Writers Karl Harter(book) Michael Caughill(screenplay) Michael Graf(screenplay)

Stars Thora Birch Keith Carradine Brendan Sexton III


THE CONCRETE COWBOYS (1979) | Tom Selleck | Jerry Reed | Full Length Action Movie | English

“Two Montana saddletramps head to Nashville to open up a detective agency. At first, the agency begins on a lark, but soon they get involved in a case involving a kidnapped singer.

Director Burt Kennedy

Writers Eugene Price(uncredited) Jimmy Sangster

Stars Jerry Reed Tom Selleck Morgan Fairchild


Cohen and Tate” Starring Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin,1988

“When a little boy witnesses a mob hit, he is kidnapped by two professional assassins who are not what they seem.

Director Eric Red

Writer Eric Red

Stars Roy Scheider Adam Baldwin Harley Cross

Awards 1 nomination


Dead Before Dawn (1993) | Full Movie | Kim Coates | Cheryl Ladd | Hope Lange

“Based upon a true story. Wife with young family finds life becoming unbearable with her successful, but violent and abusive, husband. After filing for divorce, she quickly learns that her husband, through fear of his personal life embarrassing his clients, has commissioned an assassin to murder her before going to court. Unfortunately, for him, the hired assassin turn… Read all

Director Charles Correll

Writers Ricky Blackwood(story) John Ireland(story)

Stars Cheryl Ladd Jameson Parker G.W. Bailey


The Other Side Of Love (1991) (Locked Up: A Mother’s Rage) | Full Movie

“A recently-divorced woman with children meets a man who seems nice and gives her some cash to hold for him. What she doesn’t know is that he is a drug dealer being watched by authorities. He is arrested along with her, then he lies under oath naming her as his drug dealer; his “cooperating” is to testify against her in court and the circumstantial case is strong.

Director Bethany Rooney

Writers Selma Thompson Robert L. Freedman

Stars Cheryl Ladd Jean Smart Dean Norris

Awards 1 win & 2 nominations





Warlock | Free Western Movie | Full Length | English | Free to Watch Richard Widmark Henry Fonda Anthony Quinn

“A famous gunman becomes the marshal of Warlock to end a gang’s rampages, but is met with some opposition by a former gang member turned deputy sheriff who wants to follow only legal methods.

Director Edward Dmytryk

Writers Robert Alan Aurthur(screenplay) Oakley Hall(novel)

Stars Richard Widmark Henry Fonda Anthony Quinn


Marilyn Monroe – A Ticket to Tomahawk

“In 1876 Colorado, the Tomahawk and Western Railroad is expanding through the Rockies but some stagecoach operators, fearing a loss of revenue, plan to sabotage the railroad.

Director Richard Sale

Writers Mary Loos(story and screenplay) Richard Sale(story and screenplay)

Stars Dan Dailey Anne Baxter Rory Calhoun

Awards 1 nomination


Marilyn Monroe – Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!

“In 1948 rural America, two stepbrothers compete for the same gal and the younger brother buys two untamed mules for work projects while the older brother tries to sabotage him.

Director F. Hugh Herbert

Writers F. Hugh Herbert(screenplay) George Agnew Chamberlain(novel)

Stars June Haver Lon McCallister Walter Brennan


NEVADA Full Movie in HD Introducing Robert Mitchum! Lone Pine locations with Anne Jeffreys! WOW!

“Jim ‘Nevada’ Lacy wins a small fortune at craps, but soon finds himself accused of murdering a gold prospecting ranch owner.

Director Edward Killy

Writers Norman Houston(screen play by) Zane Grey(from the novel by)

Stars Robert Mitchum Anne Jeffreys Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams


Badland | Full Epic Western Movie

“Detective Matthias Breecher is hired to track down the worst of the Confederate war criminals. As he roams the Old West seeking justice, his resolve is tested when he meets a determined pioneer woman who is far more than she seems.

Director Justin Lee

Writer Justin Lee

Stars Kevin Makely Trace Adkins Mira Sorvino


A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

“A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge.

Director Sergio Leone

Writers Adriano Bolzoni(story) Mark Lowell(dialogue) Víctor Andrés Catena(story)

Stars Clint Eastwood Gian Maria Volontè (Italian, English version) Marianne Koch

Awards 1 win & 4 nominations


For a Few Dollars More (HD) Full Movie – Clint Eastwood – Dollars Trilogy Part 2

“Two bounty hunters with the same intentions team up to track down an escaped Mexican outlaw.

Director Sergio Leone

Writers Sergio Leone(scenario) Fulvio Morsella(scenario) Luciano Vincenzoni(screenplay)

Stars Clint Eastwood Lee Van Cleef Gian Maria Volontè

Top rated movie #123

Awards 2 nominations


Two Mules for Sister Sara 1970 – Clint Eastwood collection

“Nun Sara (Shirley MacLaine) is on the run in Mexico and is saved from cowboys by Hogan (Clint Eastwood), who is preparing for a future mission to capture a French fort. The pair become good friends, but Sara never does tell him the true reason behind her being outlawed.

Director Don Siegel

Writers Budd Boetticher(story) Albert Maltz(screenplay)

Stars Clint Eastwood Shirley MacLaine Manolo Fábregas

Awards 2 nominations




Cottage to Let FULL LENGTH SPY Movie 941 Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, John Mills  ( stars a very young George Cole )

“Allied spies and Nazi Agents insinuate themselves at a Scottish cottage (converted to a wartime hospital) with interests on an inventor’s nearly perfected bomb sight.

Director Anthony Asquith

Writers Geoffrey Kerr(adapted from the play by) Anatole de Grunwald(screenplay) J.O.C. Orton(screenplay)

Stars Leslie Banks Alastair Sim Jeanne De Casalis


North West Frontier FULLMOVIE 1959 HD Lauren Bacall Kenneth More

“Set on the North West Frontier of colonial India in 1905. A British Army Officer, Captain Scott is sent to rescue a five year old Indian Prince and his American governess, Catherine Wyatt from certain death at the hands of rebel tribesman.

Director J. Lee Thompson

Writers Frank S. Nugent(adapted from a screenplay by) Patrick Ford(original story) Will Price(original story)

Stars Kenneth More Lauren Bacall Herbert Lom

Nominated for 3 BAFTA Film Awards 3 nominations total


“By Dawn’s Early Light” – Excellent 1990 Cold War Doomsday TV-Movie

“A non-NATO nuclear missile is fired from Turkey at USSR, where it detonates. Soviet response is automatic as it’s seen as a NATO missile. Can continued escalation be avoided? We follow the US president and a bomber crew.

Director Jack Sholder

Writers William Prochnau(novel “Trinity’s Child”) Bruce Gilbert(teleplay)

Stars Powers Boothe Rebecca De Mornay James Earl Jones

Won 1 Primetime Emmy 1 win & 2 nominations total


The 39 Steps Starring Kenneth More FULL MOVIE

“In London, a diplomat accidentally becomes involved in the death of a British agent who’s after a spy ring that covets British military secrets.

Director Ralph Thomas

Writers Frank Harvey(screenplay) John Buchan(based upon the novel by)

Stars Kenneth More Taina Elg Brenda de Banzie


The Saint TV Show ?? SPECIAL DOUBLE EPISODE Starring Roger Moore

“Simon’s hired by a Greek millionaire to locate the man who’s impersonating him, but the double claims it’s he who’s the genuine article, not the ‘economy pack’.

Director Leslie Norman

Writers Leslie Charteris(by) John Kruse(screenplay)

Stars Roger Moore Grégoire Aslan Kate O’Mara



WWII War Movie: Imitation General, Glenn Ford

“Sergeant Murphy Savage impersonates a dead general in order to inspire the demoralized troops in fighting their way out of Nazi encirclement.

Director George Marshall

Writers William Bowers(screen play by) William Chamberlain(story)

Stars Glenn Ford Red Buttons Taina Elg

Awards 1 nomination


Film Noir Spitfire (Original title: The First of the Few 1942 Leslie Howard and David Niven

“Aircraft designer/patriot R. J. Mitchell, alarmed at growing German militarism, works to perfect a defense against the German Messerschmidt at the cost of his health.

Director Leslie Howard

Writers Henry C. James(original story) Katherine Strueby(original story) Miles Malleson(screenplay)

Stars Leslie Howard David Niven Rosamund John


The Big Lift (1950) | War Film | Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers

“Experiences of two Air Force sergeants during the 1948 Berlin Airlift.

Director George Seaton

Writer George Seaton

Stars Montgomery Clift Paul Douglas Cornell Borchers

Awards 1 nomination





Little Fish | Full Crime Drama Movie | Cate Blanchett | Sam Neill | Hugo Weaving

“A woman trying to escape her past becomes embroiled in a drug deal.

Director Rowan Woods

Writer Jacquelin Perske

Stars Cate Blanchett Sam Neill Hugo Weaving

Awards 12 wins & 23 nominations


An Unfinished Life

Desperate to provide care for her daughter, down-on-her-luck Jean moves in with her father in-law from whom she is estranged. Through time, they learn to forgive each other and heal old wounds.

Director Lasse Hallström

Writers Mark SpraggVirginia Korus Spragg

Stars Jennifer Lopez Robert Redford Morgan Freeman

Awards 3 wins & 1 nomination


Where Angels Fear to Tread | Full Movie | Flick Vault

“After a rich Edwardian widow impulsively marries a handsome but poor Tuscan dentist and dies in childbirth, her English in-laws try to gain custody of the baby.

Director Charles Sturridge

Writers E.M. Forster(based on the novel by) Tim Sullivan(screenplay) Derek Granger(screenplay)

Stars Helena Bonham Carter Judy Davis Rupert Graves

Awards 1 win



Call of the Wild Charlton Heston

“A house dog is abducted and brought to the north as a sled dog.

Director Ken Annakin

Writers Federico De Urrutia(Italian version) Hubert Frank(German version) Jack London(novel)

Stars Charlton Heston Michèle Mercier Raimund Harmstorf


Rumpole of the Bailey s01e03 Rumpole and the Honourable Member

“An MP is accused of raping one of his assistants, and seems reluctant to defend himself. Rumpole is left with only one line of defence; attack the complainant’s character, thereby infuriating his son’s American fiancée.

Director Graham Evans

Writer John Mortimer

Stars Leo McKern Peggy Thorpe-Bates David Yelland


Rumpole of the Bailey s01e04 Rumpole and the Married Lady

“After a long spell without cases, Rumpole is apparently divorcing his old friend and colleague George Frobisher. His client meanwhile threatens to drive Rumpole’s wife Hilda (She who must be obeyed) into the arms of her friend Dodo.

Director Graham Evans

Writer John Mortimer

Stars Leo McKern Peggy Thorpe-Bates Moray Watson


– (QESP Editor’s Note: If anyone has a favourite old film to share, send the link to me at . Thanks, Ted )



Ted Nizza

Former Retired Police Officer (1969–1994)Oct 20

Shouldn’t have said that out loud.



Navy Chief Petty Officer Joke

Yoram Beer

Studied at University of Toronto Oct 14

A crusty old Navy Chief Petty Officer found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Chief Petty Officer for conversation.

‘Excuse me, Chief, but you seem to be a very serious man. Is something bothering you?’

‘Negative, ma’am. Just serious by nature.’

‘The young lady looked at his awards and decorations and said, ‘It Looks like you have seen a lot of action.’

‘Yes, ma’am, a lot of action.’

The young lady, tiring of trying to start up a conversation, said, ‘You know, you should lighten up a little. Relax and enjoy yourself.’

The Chief just stared at her in his serious manner. Finally the young lady said, ‘You know, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but when is the last time you had sex?’

‘1955, ma’am.’

‘Well, there you are. You really need to chill out and quit taking everything so seriously! I mean, no sex since 1955! She took his hand and led him to a private room where she proceeded to ‘relax’ him several times.

Afterwards, panting for breath, she leaned against his bare chest and said, ‘Wow, you sure didn’t forget much since 1955!’

The chief, glancing at his watch, said in his serious voice, ‘I hope not, it’s only 2130 now.’



By Ted Smillie 26/8/2021

“What is truth?” said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

The above quote is from Francis Bacon’s 1625 essay, Of Truth, in which he suggests “it is not the lie that passeth through the mind, but the lie that sinketh in and settleth in it that doth the hurt.”


In EYE OPENERS (GOOD & BAD), we allow our readers to form their own opinions, and to share them via feedback, which can be sent to me at


Rodney Fisher, ER Doc and Pediatrician (QESP Editor’s Note, this is an inspiring report with a strong message for Emergency Physicians.)

As an emergency physician, what is the strangest case you have ever encountered?

“One night in the ER…

A 42 year old lady came in with severe abdominal pain and nausea. She wasn’t vomiting. No other symptoms or problems, except for multiple prior visits to the ER with the same problem.

Many doctors had tried and failed to diagnose and treat her. She had been to all the specialists at all the regional Universities. The famed Cleveland Clinic even took a crack at her.

All the tests were negative including blood work, poop samples, X-rays, scopes in both ends, the camera pill (a camera that the patient swallows, it takes pictures as it traverses the gut), and various scans.

She had CT scans, MRIs and various nuclear scans. There were scans with and without IV contrast and oral contrast. There were scans of her arteries, and scans of her gallbladder. Her gallbladder was a little weak, so a weak surgeon jerked it out without any benefit.

She had every blood test for cancer known to man. Multiple biopsies were always negative. I thank God that no tired pathologist ever imagined any cancer cells under the microscope. This lady already suffered so much at the hands of her healers.

X-rays were done many times with and without Barium. Some of the X-rays were done as videos. She might have had enough radiation to kill any tumor!

And the scopes! Multiple scopes down the throat and into the stomach and duodenum. Another scope down the throat through which a catheter is passed into the bile duct and pancreas to inject contrast that highlights the ducts for more X-rays. A urologist even scoped her bladder!

She saw stomach specialists, liver specialists, gastrointestinal surgeons, kidney specialists, urologists, neurologists, and even psychiatrists.

There’s an old saying in Medicine, if the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. This poor lady had been beaten with every specialist’s hammer in 3 states!

When they couldn’t diagnose her, they just skipped straight to the cure. She failed multiple curative procedures and dozens of medications. There were medications to neutralize acid, coat the stomach, decrease acid production, anti-spasmodics, anxiolytics, antidepressants, antibiotics, anti seizure, antifunguals, and plain old pain medications.

She learned to refuse the pain medications, because she was smart enough to realize that she would be written off as an addict, that doctors stop trying if they think you just want opioids.

She has been put on every dietary restriction, and treated with every fiber supplement. She knew it all because she had tried it all!

The first night I saw her, I just told her that she had already seen many doctors much smarter than myself, working in a low level ER. But I did what I always do in these difficult cases.

I sit down and shut up and listen. I talk about weather, sports, hobbies and family; anything but medicine. But mostly I listen and observe. I try to get the patient talking more than myself. It’s an attempt to make a brain-to-brain connection for a two-way flow of truth. It is engaging the patient’s mind as the powerful problem-solving machine that it is.

Two minds together are more than 1+1=2. It’s more like 1+1=4. And it doesn’t really matter much that the other mind has limited medical knowledge. In fact, this process can sometimes work better if at least one of the minds is unspoiled by medical dogma.

So there we were, in the middle of a hectic ER night with several people trying to die. I talked with her for a few minutes until a nurse convinced me that another patient was closer to the next world than this one.

I grabbed the patient’s hand and begged her to be patient. I promised her that if she would wait for me, that I would give her my best shot. She was obviously in pain, but she attempted a smile and closed her eyes as I left to find something easier to do, like make a room look like an axe murderer walked in on a meeting of hemophiliacs anonymous, by saving a trauma victim.

That night was one of those nights that leaves me feeling a bit PTSD. I just wanted to crawl into my hut for a couple days. Yes, I have an actual stick-and-grass hut in the woods for this purpose.

But I have a soft spot for kids. The nurses all say that kids like me, and I am a pediatrician. I hate to leave a kid at the end of my shift, knowing that the next doctor may not feel as comfortable with kids.

I picked up the last chart in the rack (this was years ago), and saw that it was a 3 year old girl with abdominal pain. She was on the other side of the curtain from my 42 year old patient whom I had completely forgotten, or I would have spent the end of my shift with her as promised.

I took a deep breath and switched my brain from high pressure ER doc mode to easy and relaxed pediatrician mode. I walked into the room and quickly recognized a familiar problem. I explained to the worried mother that it was a simple stomach virus, that young children can’t tell the difference between pain and nausea. I explained that I was going to treat her pain with a tablet called “Zofran” for nausea, that dissolves in the mouth. I told her that I would be back in a few minutes and I left to give my order to a nurse.

By this time it was well after the end of my shift. The nurse I found said, “There you are! We thought you left! Did you forget about the 42 year old woman with abdominal pain? She’s been lying in there for hours!”

Of course I had totally forgotten her, but I remembered fast and said, “No! Of course not! I promised to spend some time with her if she would wait until the end of my shift!”

At that the nurse winked and nodded her head knowingly. I said, “No! Not like that! Look, can you give this little girl 2 mg of Zofran?” And I turned back to see my forgotten patient.

She was still in obvious discomfort but was waiting patiently. I walked over and placed my hand on her shoulder. Before I could say a word, she said, “That was great!” I didn’t know what she meant until she said, “You’re so good with kids, you should have been a pediatrician.”

She did not seem surprised when I said, “Well, as a matter of fact, I am!”

She joked, “No wonder I’m no better, my doctor is a pediatrician!”

I laughed. She tried to laugh. I poked my head around the curtain and asked the mother if it was okay to open the curtain? This violates protocols and is probably illegal, but I was too tired to care. I was simply trying to create an atmosphere to promote dialogue. A pleasant mother-baby dyad seemed the perfect antidote to the chaotic night this lady witnessed.

So now we had three minds working together. We talked to the little girl. She was smiling and feeling better already and asking for food. We talked about little girl things like toys, birthdays and sisters.

The mother thanked me. The Zofran trick worked wonderfully, despite her doubts. Then she looked at my patient and said, “He’s a wonderful doctor; listen to whatever he says.”

I asked her for permission to share her case and then I explained to the mother with a smile how that she had no idea, that this poor lady has some incurable ailment that has stumped all the specialists at all the Universities.

And then my patient and the mother began to talk about her case. As soon as the mother realized that it was a case of chronic abdominal pain and nausea, she drew an analogy to her daughter’s simple acute stomach virus.

I shook my head at the absurdity of it and was about to interrupt this conversation that was quickly getting off track. And then I remembered my rule for difficult cases (shut up and listen!).

My patient said, “Believe me, I have tried every stomach medication and even some herbs. Zofran does nothing for me.”

But my mind was zipping through all my experiences with chronic pediatric abdominal pain. I thought of the episodic nature of my patient’s condition. I asked her weird questions l usually reserve for pediatric cases like, “What part of the world did your ancestors come from? Any children in your family with health problems? How old is your house? Do either of your parents get migraines?”

She said, “Nobody has ever asked that question. My mother and father have both had migraine headaches their whole life. My brother gets them, too!”

And then I knew the diagnosis, even though I had assumed it was impossible and had never heard of an adult case. There is a condition called “abdominal migraine” that affects young children. There is usually at least one parent with migraine headaches, but most of these kids will get better by age 12. Their abdominal pain just stops. A certain portion will develop migraine headaches about the same time their abdominal pain goes away.

But I had my doubts. Pediatric abdominal migraine is easy to treat with simple medications that had failed to help this lady. But what if I gave her a common adult migraine treatment such as a vasoconstrictor? The pain of migraine is caused by too much blood flow to the head. Medicines that constrict blood vessels can be curative.

These medications work best if given very early in an episode. My patient was hours into this episode. As expected, the first dose in the ER that night did not relieve her pain, but it did do something much better: it gave her hope.

I gave her a prescription and sent her home, still in pain. But she was so grateful and she thanked me profusely. I felt a little anxious that maybe I was giving her false hope, for surely it could not be this simple? Surely the specialists thought of this?

Several months later she was in the ER with a sick family member. She was beaming and radiant. When she saw me she said, “That’s him! He’s the one who cured me!”

Tears were rolling down both our faces that night.”



All aboard: the little-known government entity pumping out coal exports, with your money

“Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are being quietly injected into infrastructure to help coalminers expand exports from the Hunter Valley.”



Industrial Relations

Australia’s most exploitative industry exposed and humiliated by Fair Work Commission

“Horticulture has been slapped hard by the FWC, which has ended the exploitation of a loophole that allowed farmers to grossly underpay many workers.”



Australia’s climate aid heavy on the greenwash, light on the dollars

“Scott Morrison’s promise of an extra $500 million for our Pacific neighbours is as shallow as the waters surrounding their islands.”




Beginning in 2019, the EPA stopped releasing crucial toxics reports. Even agency staffers have a hard time accessing them.

Sharon Lerner November 1 2021



Interesting Actors

Joan Wall

Lives in New York City Oct 27

Which Hollywood actors got a part in a movie for being family or friends with important people without having parts in major movies before?

At age 16, Robert Stack was an All-American Skeet Shooting Champion. On weekends, he worked a skeet shooting range in Beverly Hills where he met Clark Gable, a shooting fanatic. Gable took a liking to the handsome teenager, encouraging Stack to get into acting. Gable used his power and influence to open studio doors for the future Eliot Ness.


Gable recommended Stack for the boy next door role in “First Love”/1939 starring Deanna Durbin, giving America’s Sweetheart her 1st screen kiss.


That romantic interlude created tremendous publicity for heartthrob Robert Stack, launching a career that lasted 6 decades.


Every opportunity Bob Stack got, he thanked Clark Gable for his friendship and mentoring.



Mike Mazurki


Mini Bio (1)

With an intimidating face like craggy granite and a towering 6’5″ solid frame, Mike Mazurki (born Mikhail Mazuruski or Mikhail Mazurkiewicz) was one of cinema’s first serial thugs and specialized in playing strongarm men, gangsters and bullies for over 50 years on screen. Nearly always portrayed as a lowbrow muscle, in real life Mazurski was highly intelligent, very well read and a witty conversationalist. He was also an accomplished sportsman, having been a football player and a professional wrestler. He first appeared onscreen in uncredited roles in films such as Gentleman Jim (1942) and About Face (1942); however, his daunting bruiser looks were soon noticed and he became phenomenally busy in the 1940s, appearing in nearly 50 movies during the decade, including his well remembered performance as ex-con “Moose Malloy” in the film noir thriller Murder, My Sweet (1944) and as the gruesome “Splitface” in Dick Tracy (1945).

He continued his menacing onscreen presence throughout the 1950s and 1960s, often showing he could be quite adept at deadpan comedy in films including Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945), It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963), Donovan’s Reef (1963) and The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin (1967). Demand for his talents slowed down in the late 1970s and most of the 1980s, as younger villains came to the fore; however, he still turned up in support roles and was still acting at the age of 83 when he passed away in December, 1990.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: firehouse44



Becoming the Marginalian — after 15 years, Brain Pickings reborn


“In her unexampled union of art and science, the marine biologist and poetic nature-writer Rachel Carson (May 27, 1907–April 14, 1964) neither romanticized nor rued the essential loneliness of creative absorption. Instead, she addressed it with the plain poetics of her lived experience.

Even after her lyrical writing about the science of the sea won her the nation’s highest honor of literary art and her 1962 book Silent Spring catalyzed the environmental movement, making her the era’s most revered science writer, Carson continued making time to respond to letters from readers. “




ACOSM 2022: Responsible Business Conduct

ACOSM 2022 has been postponed due to COVID-19. A new date will be advised when the restrictions have been lifted.



Quote of the Day

It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.” Elon Musk



Quote from Yesteryear

“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!” (I found it!) but “That’s funny…”     – Isaac Asimov


Ted Smillie

QESP Chair