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Yes, collectors are still revisiting, and sharing, some of their favourite old films Here are some links to films, from golden oldies to more recent. Some of them are only available for a short time, so get in quick to your favourite category: ROMANCE, KIDS, COMEDY, CRIME, WESTERN, WAR, DRAMA, FANTASY, INSPIRATIONAL




‘The Four Feathers’~ Full Movie TV Movie 1978 Not Rated 1h 40m

“When British Lieutenant Faversham resigns his commission rather than fight in the 1882 Sudan war, his army pals present him with the four white feathers of cowardice.

Director Don Sharp

Writers A.E.W. Mason(novel) Gerald Di Pego

Stars Beau Bridges Robert Powell Simon Ward

Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy 1 nomination total


Good Soldier– Full- Jeremy Brett

“A romantic tragedy about two turn-of-the-century couples – one American, one British – who regularly vacation together at a spa in Germany.

Director Kevin Billington

Writers Ford Madox Ford(novel) Julian Mitchell(adaptation)

Stars Robin Ellis Vickery Turner Jeremy Brett



Jack Hawkins – Front Page Story – 1954

“A workaholic editor absolutely doesn’t want to go on vacation with his wife. While his wife leaves to the holiday accomodation all forlorn, he stays at the office. Just at that time some important news stories take place. Some children were tossed out of a home, a woman is accused of euthanasia, an alcoholic journalist goes after a missing atomic scientist and the wor… Read all

Director Gordon Parry

Writers William Fairchild(adaptation) Robert Gaines(novel “Final Night”) Jack Howells(screenplay)

Stars Jack Hawkins Elizabeth Allan Eva Bartok


A Certain Smile (1958)

“Dominique, a law student at the Sorbonne, is engaged to a fellow classmate. Unfortunately, she’s more attracted to his philandering Uncle Luc, who’s married to the charming Françoise. Dominique and Luc begin a tawdry affair.

Director Jean Negulesco

Writers Frances Goodrich(screenplay)A lbert Hackett(screenplay) Françoise Sagan(novel)

Stars Rossano Brazzi Joan Fontaine Bradford Dillman

Nominated for 3 Oscars 4 nominations total


The Gossip Columnist (1980)

“New Tinseltown gossip columnist Dina Moran helps faded movie star Georgia O’Hanlon dig up dirt on amoral characters.

Director James Sheldon

Writer Michael Gleason

Stars Bobby Vinton Robert Vaughn Dick Sargent


Somebody Loves Me (1952)

“Blossom Seeley climbs to Broadway success with her partner Benny Fields, then retires to become his wife.

Director Irving Brecher

Writer Irving Brecher

Stars Betty Hutton Ralph Meeker Robert Keith





Ace Of Hearts | Full Adventure Drama Movie | Dean Cain

“Officer Daniel Harding is a distinguished member of the K-9 police unit.

Director David Mackay

Writer Frederick Ayeroff

Stars Dean Cain Britt McKillip Mike Dopud

Awards 1 nomination


The Kids Who Knew Too Much (1980)

“A daring political assassination plot envelops four kids in this fast paced Disney thriller. When a cryptic note is passed to young Bert Hale by a stranger he inadvertently holds the key to unravelling the sinister plot and shares this mysterious message with his friends. When the kids are unable to decipher the strange clue they turn to a determined newspaper reporte… Read all

Director Robert Clouse

Writers Cecil Day-Lewis(novel: The Whisper in the Gloom) Gail Morgan Hickman David E. Boston

Stars Sharon Gless Larry Cedar Lloyd Haynes



“An 11 year old boy, who has always been fascinated by space and astronauts, wishes he could go into space also. So of course it should be easy to get into Cape Kennedy, up the launch tower, and into the capsule. Naturally when something goes wrong on the journey, he will save the day.

Director Andrew V. McLaglen

Writers Jon Boothe William R. Shelton(novel)

Stars Lloyd Bridges Jeremy Slate Jim McMullan


Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents (1968) Part 1

“Con man Barney gets himself and his dog Boomerang involved in a turkey roundup

Stars Russ Conway Pat Crowley Lori Farrow

Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents: Part 2





Happy Go Lovely (1951) | Musical Comedy Film | David Niven, Vera-Ellen |

“A chorus girl gets a ride from millionaire Bruno’s driver. The cash-strapped theater director thinks, she’s Bruno’s girlfriend and makes her the lead. She meets Bruno, thinking he’s a reporter. More confusion follows.

Director H. Bruce Humberstone

Writers Val Guest(screen-play) Friedrich Dammann(based on a film story by) Herbert Rosenfeld(based on a film story by)

Stars David Niven Vera-Ellen Cesar Romero


Its Not a Date | Full Comedy Movie

“IT’S NOT A DATE tells the story of Carly and Milo, a couple in their twenties on their first date. Although “It’s not a date” but more of a casual meet at a local club; it begins as a classic girl meets boy saga with casual conversation that escalates to a night of passion. It evolves, NOT into a romantic partnership or a parting nod, to “bad chemistry” but instead wi… Read all

Directors Barry Pollack Mischa Pollack

Writers Barry Pollack Emma Pollack(story) Joshua Pollack(story)

Stars Mischa Pollack Leah Huebner Eliza Roberts


Playing House | Full Romantic Comedy Movie

“A young, ambitious editor finds out she’s pregnant just as she lands her big break.

Director Kelly Makin

Writers Michelle Lovretta(screenplay ) Patricia Pearson(story)

Stars Joanne Kelly Lucas Bryant Colin Ferguson

Awards 1 nomination


She’s In The Army Now • Jamie Lee Curtis, Melanie Griffith, Kathleen Quinlan (1981)

“Akin to Private Benjamin, this comedy deals with the tough life of female army recruits going through basic training. Through their training they come to realize that there is more to being tough than having muscles.

Director Hy Averback

Writer Earl W. Wallace

Stars Kathleen Quinlan Jamie Lee Curtis Susan Blanchard


Tie The Knot | 2016 Romantic Comedy | Full Movie

“The hysterical cross cultural journey of hearts.

Director Shuja Paul

Writers Nadia Kijanka Shuja Paul(story)

Stars Tara Reid Parvesh Cheena Karishma Ahluwalia



On The Buses | Full UK Comedy Movie | Reg Varney

“When the bus company finds itself short-staffed, it is Inspector Blake who comes up with the brilliant idea of employing women drivers. The company is delighted, but the bus crews are horrified and try to get rid of the women.

Director Harry Booth

Writers Ronald Wolfe Ronald Chesney

Stars Reg Varney Doris Hare Michael Robbins



Heading for Heaven (1947) | Comedy Film | Stuart Erwin, Glenda Farrell, Russ Vincent

“Stuart Erwin plays a small-town real estate agent who owns much property which, for several generations, has failed to sell even while the town has grown. It becomes known, except to Erwin, that the property is being considered for the new airport and the owner will make a small fortune. He is swarmed upon by an unscrupulous swami (Russ Vincent)and his equally-crooked… Read all

Director Lewis D. Collins

Writers Daniel Brown(play “For the Sake of the Family”) Lewis D. Collins(screenplay) Oscar Mugge(screenplay)

Stars Stuart Erwin Glenda Farrell Russ Vincent





Satan in High Heels {FULL HD}{Restored by Christian Blatter}

“Satan in High Heels (1962) – A carnival burlesque dancer robs her junkie ex-husband, travels to New York, finds a job at a high-class club where she becomes the rich landlord’s mistress. She seduces her son and causes a murder.

Stars: Meg Myles, Grayson Hall, Mike Keene, Robert Yuro, Earl Hammond, Del Tenney, Sabrina”


Hot Money (2001) Incredibly Rare Film Starring Caroline Quentin.

“A team of cleaners plot to steal thousands of pounds from the Bank of England by taking it from the incinerators and hiding it in their underwear.

Director Terry Winsor

Writers John Mister(based on an original screenplay by) Neil McKay Terry Winsor

Stars Caroline Quentin Gerard Horan Christine Ellerbeck



A Dangerous Summer | TOM SKERRITT | Drama Movie | Thriller | Full Film

“When a crummy hotel burns down in Australia, the American co-owner tries to find out whether or not the fire was deliberately set or just an accident.

Director Quentin Masters

Writers Kit Denton(original idea) Jim McElroy(original idea) David Ambrose(screenplay)

Stars Tom Skerritt Ian Gilmour Giselle Morgan



A Tattered Web | Lloyd Bridges | Detective Film | Crime Drama | Mystery

“A detective accidentally kills his son-in-law’s floozy and then tries to cover-up his actions.

Director Paul Wendkos

Writer Art Wallace

Stars Lloyd Bridges Frank Converse Sallie Shockley


The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970) [ENG]

“A secretary takes her boss’s car for the holiday in the Mediterranean, oddly retracing a journey she has not taken, and is recognized by people she has not met before. Soon, things get serious.

Director Anatole Litvak

Writers Sébastien Japrisot(novel “La dame dans l’auto avec des lunettes et un fusil”) Anatole Litvak(screenplay) Richard Harris(dialogue: english version)

Stars Samantha Eggar Oliver Reed Stéphane Audran




“The head of a wealthy but dysfunctional family is found bludgeoned to death in the family estate as Morse is forced to deal with the resultant media frenzy.

Director Adrian Shergold

Writers Colin Dexter(characters) Daniel Boyle

Stars John Thaw Kevin Whately Sukie Smith


The Smugglers (1968)

“Gang of smugglers is after a female tourist and her stepdaughter, who are visiting Tyrol in Europe and unknowingly carry something that the smugglers want.

Director Norman Lloyd

Writers Alfred Hayes(teleplay) Elizabeth Hely(novel)

Stars Shirley Booth Rico Cattani Edward Colmans




“A migrant worker named Austin finds himself the target of a deadly corporate cover-up in a small Wyoming town.

Director Madeline Puzzo(attached)

Writer Thomas Major

Stars Zac Titus Kelsey Crane Matthew Stannah



“When Luke Williams arrives at his late grandfather’s cabin, he discovers a mysterious puzzle leading to a dangerous secret.

Director Xandy Smith

Writer Jack Kelley

Stars John Ruby Kerry Knuppe Antonio Jaramillo




War of the Wildcats | Action Western | John Wayne Movie | Cowboy | Romance

“In 1906, on Oklahoma’s Indian lands, a cowboy fights for oil lease rights against a greedy oilman while a pretty schoolteacher steals both men’s hearts.

Director Albert S. Rogell

Writers Thomson Burtis(original story) Ethel Hill(screenplay) Eleanore Griffin(screenplay)

Stars John Wayne Martha Scott Albert Dekker

Nominated for 2 Oscars 2 nominations total


Silver Lode | Classic Film | WESTERN MOVIE | Full Length | Wild West | Cowboy Movies | Free Film foreign subtitles

“In Silver Lode, Dan Ballard is arrested by 4 Marshals for murder and theft but he denies the charges and searches for the real culprit even as the townsfolk start abandoning him.

Director Allan Dwan

Writer Karen DeWolf(story)

Stars John Payne Lizabeth Scott Dan Duryea


South of St Louis (1949)

“The friendship of three Texas Ranchers. Later their ranch was destroyed by Cotrell, of the Union army,and his band of outlaw raiders. The original title was “Distant Drums”, this was a description of Civil War army deserters.

Director Ray Enright

Writers Zachary Gold(story and screenplay)James R. Webb(story and screenplay)

Stars Joel McCrea Alexis Smith Zachary Scott




Cape Town Affair (1967) | Full Drama Movie | James Brolin | Jacqueline Bisset | Claire Trevor

“South African secret agents attempt to save confidential microfilm before it falls into the hands of Communists.

Director Robert D. Webb

Writers Harold Medford Samuel Fuller Dwight Taylor(story)

Stars James Brolin Jacqueline Bisset Claire Trevor


Orson Welles: Confidential Report | Full HD Movies For Free | Flick Vault

“An elusive billionaire hires an American smuggler to investigate his past, leading to a dizzying descent into a cold-war European landscape.

Director Orson Welles

Writer Orson Welles(original story)

Stars Orson Welles Peter van Eyck Michael Redgrave

Awards 1 nomination



A Pin For The Butterfly (full movie)

“7-year-old Marushka grows up in 1950s Prague, raised more by her relatives than her society-building mother.

Director Susan Kodicek

Writer Susan Kodicek

Stars Florence Hoath Joan Plowright Hugh Laurie



St. Urbains Horseman (2007) | Full Movie | Part 1| Elliott Gould | Jacob Tierney

“Based on the novel by Mordechai Richler -Winner of the 1971 Governor General’s Award – this is the story of Jake, a film director of modest success and a man in disgrace. His alter ego, his cousin Joey – Nazi-hunter, adventurer, hero of the Spanish Civil War – is the avenging horseman of Jake’s impotent dreams

Stars David Julian Hirsh Simon Alain Susan Bain

Awards 5 nominations

St. Urbains Horseman (2007) | Full Movie | Part 2| Elliott Gould | Jacob Tierney



I Am Soldier | Full Action War Movie | Tom Hughes

“I Am Soldier follows Mickey Tomlinson (Tom Hughes), a military chef, who attempts the most dangerous military selection known to man: The Special Air Service (S.A.S.) selection. The S.A.S. Is the United Kingdom’s most renowned Special Forces Regiment, tasked with life-threatening missions in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Mickey has more military exp… Read all

Director David Beton

Writer David Beton

Stars Tom Hughes Noel Clarke Alex Reid





Mayflower: The Pilgrim’s Adventure (1979)

“In 1620, the Assembly of the Pilgrims decides to emigrate to the young America because of the persecution they suffer by the English crown. This movie tells the adventurous journey of the Pilgrims to an unknown land and future.

Director George Schaefer

Writer James Lee Barrett

Stars Anthony Hopkins Richard Crenna Jenny Agutter



“After a lengthy search, lawyer Clarke MacGruder finally locates his long-lost father Jack. At first, everything seems fine with his new extended family, until the two set off on a hunting trip and Jack reveals a violent streak to his nature.

Director Bradford May

Writer J.B. White

Stars Andy Griffith John Ritter Mary-Margaret Humes


Shadows In The Sun | Full Drama Movie | Harvey Keitel | Claire Forlani

“An aspiring young writer (Jackson) tracks a literary titan (Keitel) suffering from writers block to his refuge in rural Italy and learns about life and love from the irascible genius and his daughters.

Director Brad Mirman

Writer Brad Mirman

Stars Harvey Keitel Claire Forlani Giancarlo Giannini


Deep Family Secrets (1997) | Full Movie | Richard Crenna | Angie Dickinson I Meg Foster I

“A young woman journeys back to her birthplace and discovers that much of what she had always taken for granted was all a lie.

Director Arthur Allan Seidelman

Writers Dena Kleiman(story) Nevin Schreiner(story) David Madsen(teleplay)

Stars Richard Crenna Angie Dickinson Molly Gross

Awards 1 nomination


The Kiss | Full Drama Movie

“A newly promoted book editor discovers a potential best seller, although unfinished, manuscript buried in her predecessor’s office. Moved by the passionate love story, she embarks on a journey to find the author and the missing ending.

Director Gorman Bechard

Writers Gorman Bechard Stephen Manzi

Stars Terence Stamp Francoise Surel Eliza Dushku

Awards 1 nomination


Fire in the Dark (1991) | Olympia Dukakis, Lindsay Wagner, Edward Herrmann, Jean Stapleton

“A 75-year old widow with battles herself as she struggles with being a burden to those she loves. Though determined not to rely on her children, she is forced to move in with her daughter after a serious fall, and the family learns to face the future with dignity and hope.

Director David Hugh Jones

Writer David J. Hill

Stars Olympia Dukakis Lindsay Wagner Jean Stapleton

Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy 2 nominations total


53206: Milwaukee | Full Drama Movie

“A young, and talented aspiring singer must decide whether to escape the crime-ravaged city where she grew up and go to Julliard, or stay on her quest to end the violence and rebuild her community.

Director Kimberley T. Curtis

Writers Kimberley T. Curtis  Stephen Gregory Curtis  Alan Zulkowski

Stars Nicole Bastin  MarkAnthony Brisby  Imani Brown

Awards 2 wins


Rumpole of the Bailey s01e05 Rumpole and the Learned Friends

“Rumpole accuses a dishonest policeman of framing his safecracker client and finds himself in legal trouble when he can’t back up his claim.

Director Graham Evans

Writer John Mortimer

Stars Leo McKern Peggy Thorpe-Bates Joanna Van Gyseghem


Rumpole of the Bailey s01e06 Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade

“Rumpole returns to bloodstains as he defends an stuttering, apparently mentally-challenged petty crook on a murder charge.

Director Herbert Wise

Writer John Mortimer

Stars Leo McKern Peggy Thorpe-Bates Peter Bowles


Rumpole of the Bailey s02e01 Rumpole and the Man of God

“Rumpole defends a vicar accused of shoplifting three shirts although he refuses to testify in his own behalf.

Director Brian Farnham

Writer John Mortimer

Stars Leo McKern Rosemary Leach Derek Farr


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Who Should Have The Toy?

The father of five children had won a toy at a raffle.

He called his kids together to ask which one should have the present.


“Who is the most obedient?” he asked. “Who never talks back to mother? Who does everything she says?”


Five small voices answered in unison. “Okay, dad, you get the toy.”


Designated Drunk

One night at a local bar frequented by a bunch of deer hunters who were waiting for the opening day of deer season, the local sheriff scoped out the joint for possible drunk drivers.

As he waited, eventually a patron stumbled out of the bar, fumbled for his keys, tried them in three different cars until he finally found his, got inside and rested his head on the steering wheel. The deputy knew he had his drunk driver, so now all he had to do was wait for him to start his engine and pull out of the lot.

A few hours passed by and most of the other deer hunters had left by then, when the patron abruptly lifted his head, cranked the car up and drove out of the lot like a bat out of hell. The deputy followed him and stopped him promptly. He administered the breath-o-lizer test and it read 0.00.


Confused, the deputy asked the driver what the hell was going on. The driver looked at him innocently and said, “Well, tonight I’m the designated decoy.”


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By Ted Smillie 26/8/2021

“What is truth?” said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

The above quote is from Francis Bacon’s 1625 essay, Of Truth, in which he suggests “it is not the lie that passeth through the mind, but the lie that sinketh in and settleth in it that doth the hurt.”


In EYE OPENERS (GOOD & BAD), we allow our readers to form their own opinions, and to share them via feedback, which can be sent to me at


‘Clearly outrageous’: ACCC investigates retailers overpricing RATs

By Jackson Graham Tuesday January 18, 2022

“Australia’s competition watchdog says rapid antigen tests are being sold in many stores for more than $20 a test and is asking retailers to explain why.

A team of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission public servants is investigating the prices, writing to retailers and suppliers and gathering reports from the public as RATs remain scarce on Australian shelves and online stores.

ACCC chair Rod Sims says reports of two tests sold for $500 online, and for more than $70 a test at some convenience stores, service stations and independent supermarkets are “clearly outrageous”.

This is despite wholesale costs ranging between $3.95 and $11.45 a test.”


PM accused of ‘outright lie’ after claiming detainees in Melbourne hotel are not refugees

Sarah Martin and Ben Doherty Mon 17 Jan 2022

“Human rights advocates have criticised the prime minister, Scott Morrison, after he wrongly claimed those held in detention in Australia for as long as eight years had not been recognised as refugees.

Australia’s harsh border policies have been thrust into the spotlight since the detention of tennis star Novak Djokovic at the notorious Park hotel in Melbourne, where dozens of asylum seekers and refugees are detained indefinitely.”


Advanced data science, machine learning and the power of knowledge graphs: What can we expect from this combination?

“Knowledge graphs are a powerful way to assist data scientists to crack hard data problems, but they aren’t as widely known as they could be. Graph database expert Maya Natarajan explains why that’s changing.”

By IDG Contributing Editor IDG Connect | JAN 12, 2022



Médecins Sans Frontières launched the Access Campaign in 1999, in response to the need for better drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tests. We advocate for effective drugs, tests and vaccines that are:


  • available
  • affordable
  • suited to the people we care for
  • adapted to the places where they live


As the new year starts and hopes are renewed, please support our medical work today.




The Marginalian by Maria Popova

“What happens when we die, Iris Murdoch on what love really means and its symmetry with art, the woman who brought the “submarine fairyland” to life”




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