This month’s Blog comes courtesy of Briometrix, Start Up Winner at The Data Warehouse Institute (TWDI) Innovate with Data: Showcasing the Winners of the BigInsights Data Innovation Awards

The Blog is a mind- blowing  short YouTube video which was part of the Briometrix presentation, illustrating how Briometrix “ generates data that creates motivation, social and peer engagement, establishes benchmarks for skills, and generates knowledge that can be shared across the wheelchair community (healthcare, insurance, wheelchair manufactures, and retailers). The technology assists wheelchair users to have fewer acute and overuse injuries, an improved sense of wellbeing (through self-esteem, self-efficacy, confidence and personal control, the sense of becoming newly ‘abled’, empowerment and having accomplished something of worth) and having fun.”

Wheelz in the Air  – on YouTube is a perfect example.


The recently awarded BigInsights Data Innovation Awards are specifically focused on recognising teams and end user organisations that are doing ground-breaking work to deliver business outcomes using Data Analytics and IoT technologies and techniques.

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